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Ordering a birthday cake online

Today I ordered my son’s birthday cake online. I did not know, you could do that in Bangladesh. I mean there are lots of facebook shops, but, most of them do not have a legit website or an outlet. I think, shops in Dhaka make too much profit to avoid the hassle of online sales, where as, the online shops’ proprietors  are too poor to open an outlet.

But, whatever, this is not a philosophical post, I will stick to food review.

I know of the restaurant Yummy Yummy for a long time. I like their fast foods and pastry. So, it was good to find that they have an online shop dedicated for ordering cake. Also,  they have, included some specials shapes and designs in the menu.

Check it out here:

After the order, I went to the Yummy Yummy outlet at Lalmatia, just to confirm that these online and offline shops are in same chain and tested a pastry. It was not amazing like my friend Trina’s cakesake cakes, but, it was good. Better than coopers, i will say.

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