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Why do we love surprises?

Joy of friends surprising you by throwing a party on your birthday is probably the best feeling that you enjoy. But, why loved it more than getting an invitation first and then attending to it? Well, Surprises are unpredictable gain.

Now, most of us will relate unpredictably events in our life rather annoying than joyful. In fact, our unconscious mind doesn’t like surprises at all. From the very childhood we learn that anything which is not predictable, you end up getting hurt. People and even non-living objects tries to hurt you by either tricking you or just being at a wrong place at the wrong time.

They said, oh look at the light and bam, the vaccine needle goes in. You hurt your toes, because to your surprise there was an object lying on the floor that you did not notice. Almost every time you got hurt when you were not willing to.

So, a fun surprise is like winning a lottery. Where your brain expect something worse or nothing but then you find out it is good.

But, I should mention this that some people do not like surprise at all. Let me list three reasons why. If you want to add few more, share at the right.

  1. People overused the element of surprise on you and you feel left out all the time,
  2. You don’t know how to react in the surprise situations,
  3. Some of the surprises which were supposed to be fun turned out awkward instead.

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