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Desktop fish aquarium

I always wanted to pet fish. But, my wife and mother never wanted me to get those big tanks. In fact, we never really had that space to install one. But, I tried. At first I bought small bowls, but fishes were dying, so I bought bigger bowl and an air pump. But, with bigger bowl came bigger problems. Changing 5 litter of water everyday kind of problems. In couple of hour the water would turn so cloudy because of all the fish poop and algae, you could not even see anything. So next, I bought a big box shape aquarium. Installed air pump and filter. Everything was fine, expect, I didn’t have extra space in my room to put it. It was on the top of the wardrobe ruining the furniture completely. That was it. I gave up.

Till last week, I could only satisfy my love of watching colorful fishes swimming restlessly was going to pet shop. I also took my son with me when I went there to show him the fishes. I thought all the dead fish that he sees at kitchen and bazaar was ruining his thoughts on fish. Ruining means, the way you would find chickens are gross instead of pretty. You do not see the beauty of a chicken with it’s colorful feathers and silly acts, because, you were introduced to chicken meat before to a live chicken. On the other hand, you will find pigeons are beautiful, because, you saw a live pigeon before you ate one.

Last week as usual I went to the pet shop to buy grains for my parrot and saw a cute little aquarium on the shop owner’s desk. I asked him where did he get it and he informed he has plenty of those for sale. The compact looking tank was 7 inch wide and 7 inch tall. It had built-in lights and a filter with crystal clear plastic body. His asking price was 2800 taka. It was not bad deal at all.

But, I thought, if this small pet shop has it, Kataban pet shops should have more varieties. And I was right. Almost, every aquarium shops in Kataban has these and even sell at cheaper price. I bought the same size of Chinese aquarium in just 1600 taka. Also, bought a bag of stones, fish food, medicine and two small fishes. Altogether, I paid 1825 taka.

The fish tank was a hit. My son and niche were glued to it and even my wife and mother also liked it. Moreover, it fits perfectly on my busy desk.

Here are some other varieties I saw at Kataban.

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Remember, pre-designed versions cost way more, so, don’t be surprised.

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