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How soon you will start eating poop?

We Bangladeshis are already on 3rd generation antibiotic. When I was 12 years old, my doctor recommended me Azithromycin, after trying bunch of other medicines for my chronic cough. The doctor’s expression during writing the medicine’s name on the prescription was so grumpy, I felt like, if the cough doesn’t kill me that medicine might. But, too my surprise, I am still alive and moreover my cough did not disappear by that magical drug. I guess, my body was not ready for it back then. Ciprofloaxacin still work on me, while, my son has already completed 3/4 courses of ZMAX (Azithromycin) and he is only 3 years old. Also, I am assured, next generations of antibiotic drugs will keep coming. Why? Because big bucks are invested in it.

But, will we consider a millennium old treatment over these fancy medicines. Sadly, the initial choice is not ours. For now, it is really disturbing to think about eating poop. But, if some commercial value is added to it and prefixes like organic, pro-biotic etc. are added, you will probably start eating shit like a pro. That reminds me of a scene from very old bengali movie where a child from a poor family was served roti for dinner by his mother. The child was crying, because, he wanted to eat rice. Back then, flour was cheap and considered poor man’s food. It took a while for us to realize that roti is healthier than rice and even longer to realize whole grain is the best. For most of us, we still don’t consider eating roti over rice, but, the reason is now different. But, the number of people who will eat whole grain roti nowadays, because, it is healthier, is not few and ever growing. Remember dalda? You wouldn’t eat a parata because that was not fried in ghee or dalda. That is no longer a practice. You see, how commercial, government and foreign entity pressure can guide you. Most of the healthy changes are not quite easily accepted by the people, but, the practice starts.

Following foods those I consider delicacy now, I would have disgusted by an offer to eat and would have vomited just by the smell of them at these timeline,

Coriander Leaf – 25 years ago
Shutki – 20 years ago
Cheese – 15 years ago
Wine – 10 years ago
Tuna – 5 years ago

My love of the smell of cheese grew, as I started to distinguish it from rotten milk by bad bacteria which is poisonous.

So, may be, we will start eating poop soon, but, how it work?

We all know that, our gut houses bacteria. The number of the bacteria reside in one’s gut is more the number of the cell count of whole body. Our body apply a simple technique to control population of the those bacteria, so that, they do not eat us inside out. The trick is diversity. Our body keep many kind of bacteria together, so that, one species cannot over populate and start taking over.

When we eat rotten food which contained enough colonies of one kind of bacteria, they will kill everyone else in the system. Now, we all know what happens when a single species is dominant (look at earth).

Atibiotic can kill all the bacteria and body can restart the bacteria population in diversified way again. But, what if the dominant bacteria is resistant to the drug you are taking. Then the antibiotic will kill everyone else and clear the field from the competitors.

So, idea came about to entirely replenish the gut microbiome. But, not yogurt or pro biotic drinks. They just do not contain enough number of bacteria and even variety that can help us.

Thus, came the idea of poop transplantation. A healthy person’s small amount of poop contains enough number of diverse community gut bacteria to kill the dominant bacteria together.

Simple as that! But, since, it is may not be very profitable for pharmaceutical, who will promote this? That we will have to see!

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