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Why you are not getting a promotion?

The world has always been kind to the stunt men and oil men (ass kissers).

Psychology of the modern day management is,

  1. If you are wearing hush puppies and yellows, then you are already doing good at life. You don’t need a promotion.
  2. If you are wearing tailor made formal pants and shirts, then you already settled in your life with current pay scale. So, you don’t need a promotion.
  3. If you are wearing jeans and t-shirt at work, then you don’t have life. Why you need a promotion?

So, management will never give you a promotion just looking at you face. If you want promotion, you got to ask for it.

One way to ask for it is, doing something extra ordinary (in a good way of course). Lets assume, you are a bank cashier. You pay and receive cash to/from customers in a counter. What stunt you can pull off? Should you keep a gun under the desk. So that, in case bank robbers show up, you can pull the gun out and protect the bank? Or did you think about doing extra hours everyday?

But, my friend you get paid for your extra hours and forget about the robbers. They are not gonna show up. Let me come back to what difference a bank cashier can make in his job life and focus on a bigger achievement from history.

Do you know in old ages how a war was won? Discipline. Discipline of the soldiers. But, do you know any soldier’s name from history who fought the war side by side with other colleagues, waited when he was told to and charged when he was told to. A victory will only come, if, every man on the battle field do what they were told to do. Not everyone should try to be a hero! Wait a second. So, whoever succeeds to pull a stunt is called a hero. So, heroes got the medals and promotions. There were other guys who didn’t even went to the battle for lame excuses, were promoted too. Because, when everyone was in the field risking life, they would scratch the back of the ruler by flattery and false acquisitions on others.

Lets get back to our bank cashier life. In any job role, you are stuck inside this circle,


This is your working area set by the authority and you fill the circle as you were told to. To do something extra ordinary, you will have to push the boundary of the circle and spread your color outside area. Now, the outside area is surrounded by your colleagues, boss, vendors (chosen by a co-worker or boss) and nature itself. So, every time you try to push your boundary, all of them will squeeze you back inside. Also, new thing you wanna try, you are no expert on that. So, you need to learn to do new things those are not inside the circle.

But, what about the risks involved? Is it possible that you can lose your job if you fail?

Not likely. What may happen is that you get criticized by your colleagues, your boss may shout at you and you do not get any promotion. So, remember to involve your co-workers and boss in to whatever you are trying to do. So that, they have some ownership and feel responsible over the failure. Because, no one like surprises. Risk analysis is always important.

But, hey if you are afraid of the hard work, go spend 80% of your office time in your boss’s room flattering him and bitching about others. Did you says, your boss doesn’t like flattery? O, they all like flattery. You just have to find the right way to do it.

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