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1984, Mothers gave birth to too many dreamers

“I am a dreamer, you see it in my demeanor,
I’ll be this way to death and take it up with the reaper”
– Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

If you were born in 1983 or 1984 then most likely you dwell in fantasy more than others.

Till my 11, I knew that books don’t lie. The term “Science fiction” didn’t exist in my brain. If you know me closely, you would know that I hate Humayun Ahmed. Do you know why? Because, he took my innocence. After reading one of his book, I learned that “Iri-carbo-phosfin” has special property. If you are exposed to that chemical, you may get super human abilities. When I was really close to make a potion of that chemical, one of my friend told me that it’s no gonna work. Why? Because, his stories are science fiction, made up stories. My heart broke.

But, in my lifetime, I saw too many science fictions becoming realities. In 1996, I found out science fictions are the initiation of achieving the impossibles, the first sparks, predicting the future. From then, I started to love science fictions, but, Humayun Ahmed never got a chance to win my heart ever again.

Before, 1996, most of us didn’t have access to dish channels. So, we heavily relied on BTV, who showed us these,

Wait. These are not the only elements that made us dreamers. From 1996, there were Duck Tales, Arabian Nights, Winnie the Pooh, Gummy Bears, Dexter’s Laboratory, … endless list. Every kids show on dish channels would amuse us. Because, till 1995, most of the stuffs that we watched were not made for kids. So, in 1996, we were bound to love those specially made programs and we were young enough to watch cartoons.

Also, we found out that science fictions were becoming reality, but, we could not have something when we wanted. Let me break it down,

In 1999, computers were available, but, I had to wait till 2004 to get one.

2000, mobile phone existed, I wanted one badly, got it in 2003.

2001, broadband internet was available, but, not affordable for me till 2004.

2002, mobile internet was available, but, I had to start using it in 2005.

2003, smart phones were the hot things. I waited till 2005 to get one.

2004, Gmail. Waited 3 months for an invitation.

2005, 512MB graphics card. Had to get job and work 2 months to buy one.

2006, PS3. Still can’t afford it.

2007, Laptop. Bought one in 2008.

2008, Mazda Rx8. Still waiting. Hopefully, price will go under 500K in some years.

2009, Android phone. Availed one in 2012.

2010, Tablet(iPad) . Got a Galaxy in 2013.

2011, Quadcopter. Built one in 2013. Now, it sells as cheap as conventional toys.

2012, Google Glass. Nope, still haven’t got it.


Now, you get the idea? Technology were always available for us, before we wanted, but, it was not affordable right away. Not like our youngers who didn’t have to wait. Chinese were always there to meet their expectation at the right age. We learned to dream about things before buying it. All the books and TV shows made us dreamers and the world spoiled us to stay that way.

Now, I like it more to dream when I am awake rather than when I am asleep.

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