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Why monkeys decided to become human?

When I was in school, one of my friends asked me, if human comes from monkey, why monkeys are not becoming human anymore? I researched a lot about it in our local library, but,  didn’t find the correct answer until 2001. Natural process is so consistent and the patterns are so repetitive that it takes a mind like Newton to question why apple falls to the ground? The evolution never stopped, because, natural selection never stopped. Most fascinating thing is natural selection is an automated process. Nature does not need a brain to decide who lives and who doesn’t. But, nature does have memories, hence, experience.

Once, my homeopathy doctor gave me a medicine which I was suppose to put in a 1/2 liter bottle of water and shake the bottle twice. He said, “not more than twice. Water has memory. Every time you shake it, it remembers.”

Look at the room you are sitting in right now and can you calculate how much information is here? Every object here tells a story. You may thank Pretty Simple, the developer of the game Criminal Case that they don’t provide you with a real room for investigation.

natural-selectionHowever, in this game of natural selection, livings things also take parts. Every life born via biological reproduction is different from others. All living things roll the dice during reproduction to see what works best. What doesn’t work, doesn’t live or get to reproduce.

Monkeys live today will pay the heavy price by going instinct. Evolution is random but natural selection is not. Natural selection is a consistent and orderly process.

Now, the question is how did our ancestor monkeys knew Homo Sapiens is the future and that is the way to go? Well, they didn’t know.

Brassica oleracea

The cabbage we find today comes from a simple type of weed called Brassica Oleracea (Wild Mustard) which is still available widely by the shore line of English Channel.

Farmers played a great role in this evolution process. Every time after harvest, farmers carefully chose the bulkier plant seeds for next production. End result is what we eat today.

So, the monkeys didn’t plan to be human. They rolled the dice as usual. Nature with her environment and other living creatures carefully spared our family line to live.


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Why monkeys decided to become human?

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