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DIY cellphone mount on tripod

Here is an idea how to use your smart phone on tripod to get those super clear shots, time lapse shots or even live streaming to facebook and youtube.

Take close look at the setup,

SAM_0139 SAM_0141

Neat huh!

Mounting is also pretty easy too.


Just clip it on the phone and screw it on the tripod.

Here is closer shot to the mod,


You need to find a nut that fit the screw of tripod and solder that on a paper clamp. That’s it. And yes, don’t forget to put some padding inside the clamp; thick cloths, thin rubber sheet or leather anything works,


Here are the things you will need to complete the hack,



If you have no idea what are these, then sorry, this hack is not for you. I am kidding, this hack is for everyone. Just take your nut and clamp to an electronics repair shop or metal workshop and they will do it for you in 30 taka. This soldering process is called “rang jhalai”.

So, here you go smartphone tripod mount adapter in less than 100 taka.

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DIY cellphone mount on tripod

Here is an idea how to use your smart phone on tripod to get those ...


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