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How to disable annoying popup message from Grameen Phone

If your mobile phone network operator is Gremmen Phone and you use WIFI and 3G simultaneously then I guess you are being bombarded with this message: “Your last internet session usage was 0.00 mb, to check balance dial *567#


Every time you switch from 3G to wifi or wifi to 3g, this annoying message appears on your phone. Regardless, android phones or iphones. I called GP to complain. But, they said its my phone’s option and I will have to disable it myself. After doing a bit research, I found out that they are abusing voice end notification service to show this popup messages. Yes, I said abuse, because, I did not signed up for this. Few months back, when GP started showing call duration and cost after a call ends, I liked it. But, when they started showing internet session balance, I was annoyed. Now, from time to time they will popup advertisement like download welcome tune, get cricket score, etc. They are already flooding my SMS inbox which I don’t mind. Since, SMS is something I can choose to open later. But, these popup messages stay on top of the screen and have to be closed before you can do anything.

Here is what you can do to get rid of these annoying message,

Send SMS to 5544 with text



That should solve your problem. But, remember, since, GP is using voice end notification service to show these popups, you won’t get voice end notification too. I guess, I can live with that.