Three shortcuts to achieve anything

Long ago, I read in Upanishad that there are three shortcuts to reach a goal. You all know these, but, probably never seen them together.

Human is the superior being not because of it’s physical structure. Many animals are better equipped than us. Have you ever seen cats eating grass and chicken eating stones? They do it to digest foods those are not easily absorbable. You may have also seen Chimpanzee sticking a stick inside the ant burrow to bring them out. Dog try to follow its master.

But, it is really disappointing that most animals do not consider other animals as source of information. While domestic animals learn a few trick from human, gorillas in captivity do not do much of good. A group of them were being monitored by scientists. To see, how well they do in terms of problem solving using tools. They didn’t even pay attention when scientists were demonstrating an activity. They don’t understand that human knows more than them and can teach them something. But, do not get them wrong, they do follow their elders.

Parrots and elephants live long lives, because they know their medicine. Amazon parrots live up to 80 years, because after eating poisonous fruits, they go for a special dessert, clay. Clay detox their body. Since, most other birds and animals avoid poisonous fruits, parrots do not suffer of food shortage. In terms of medicine, human starts the day with a coffee.

Human will not grow an extra pair of hands, neither, our brain cell count will increase significantly over night. Although, we take proud of the physical design of human kind, you can clearly see, biological evolution and technical evolution runs at different paces. It took 4 billion years for earth to built Homo Sapiens and Homo Sapiens built the robot in just 200,000 years. 80% of technological evolution happened in last 100 years. Some of us will take comfort thinking, human uses only 5% of the brain’s processing power, still we are the most intelligent. What would happen if we could use 100% of it? Have you ever considered this, if human been using 5% of it’s brain for last 200,000 years, why we still have 3 pounds of brains inside our skulls? It should have decreased to 0.15 pounds by now. So yeah, if you want to keep up, you will have to rely on tools. Tools that assist you on both physically and mentally.

There you have it, three shortcuts are: Teacher, Medicine and Tool.

Better you utilize these shortcuts in your work, higher the chances are to achieve the objective in less time. You may ask what about the creativity and innovation? Isn’t it cheating?

Few years ago, I watched a movie called “Flash of Genius”. In that movie, a scientist develops an intermittent windshield wiper. Auto industry did not recognize that as an invention. In legal battle, lawyers argument was, “Did Mr. Kearns invent the transistor? Did Mr. Kearns invent the capacitor? Did Mr. Kearns invent the variable register?”, “All Mr. Kearns did was to arrange them in a pattern”. So, there was no invention! You can see the courtroom scene here.

Innovation and creativity don’t mean, you will have to invent your own tools, no coffee and no googling.